Fitness Training

Each of us has a different metabolism and physical make-up. I believe in creating a custom program that matches your body type, your metabolism and your skill level.

Let me define the program that is right for you, whether it be low impact, boot camp, kickboxing, weight loss, athletic training, fx training or sport specific.

By meeting with you at your home there are none of the distractions, embarrassments or membership costs that may come with exercising in a busy gym. I will bring everything you need for our training sessions.

Through consistent fitness training you can build confidence, strength, endurance, balance, flexibility, emotional strength and happiness.

Fitness can help with the following:

  • > Stress
  • > Lack of motivation
  • > Low confidence
  • > Poor body image
  • > Relationships
  • > Low energy
  • > Low immune system
  • > Soreness/stiffness
  • > Depression
  • > Insomnia
  • > Gym Intimidation

“Fitness is not just having a six pack or the perfect bikini body. More importantly, whole body fitness requires an understanding of the connection between physical and emotional health and the important role each play in maintaining a healthy and happy wellbeing. Looking “sexy”on the outside is just an inevitable bonus that comes with inner health.” - Jenna